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What is the difference between the Vitalizer and another steamer?

What is the difference between the Vitalizer and another steamer?

Let’s start with the most important difference

What is the difference between soft steam and pressurized steam, which has been so developed since the 1950s?

Let’s say that the temperature of the steam under pressure increases until it reaches temperatures exceeding 120°C. The problem with these temperatures is that it destroys the vitamins, and the minerals will no longer be available to your body. You do eat well-cooked food, but are they really “nutritious”?

Unlike pressurized steam, so-called “soft” steam does not exceed 100°C, thus retaining all the nutrients and nutrients of the right foods you have chosen.

Why is the Vitalizer the champion of gentle steam cooking?

The materials

Let’s start by talking about the materials that make up the vitalizer. This one is made of surgical stainless steel 18/10. This material is extremely stable and thus prevents oxidation. You will keep your vitality for years, centuries and even pass it on to the next generation… It is therefore a long-term investment for your portfolio and your health.

The tank

Let’s continue our analysis by studying the tank, which is large enough to fill it with water in order to constantly have a steam flow for large parts, such as a large chicken for example. The splashes finally disappear and there is enough air between the high water level and the screen to set an adequate temperature without adding water….

I therefore recommend that you buy a vitalizer that has a large tank, high enough to hold several litres of water.

The sieve

Have you ever observed the sieve of a couscous maker? No, well know that the couscous sieve has very small holes so that the couscous does not pass through. The concern is that this leads to poor steam circulation and really important so-called “heating points”.

Conversely, in the vitalizer the holes are large and the pressure is therefore very low and the steam then circulates easily inside your vitalizer. The advantage is that the efficiency is then increased and this significantly reduces the cooking time.

Remarkable note: the Vitalizer has a single sieve while some couscoussiers or steam cookers have several on top of each other: BIG error!

Why ?

Because when you cook on several levels, the food on top will drip on the food below 🙁

This problem will cause the food below to be washed out and above all it will contaminate them. The toxins that were above will fall on the food below. And as if that wasn’t enough, the steam, as it rises the levels, will lose its cooking power and it will make the food “suffer” with long cooking times. I therefore advise you not to superimpose the sieves, even if with the Vitalizer you could do so.

The lid

Why is the cover dome-shaped instead of flat?

This allows the steam that will condense on the wall to flow along the wall and fall back without touching the food. This technical point thus makes it possible not to wash the food and therefore not to charge it with water. Unlike couscoussiers, which have flat lids so that the water falls into the couscous to moisten it… The opposite of what you want to do.

This technical point is very important because the more waterlogged the food is, the less vitamins and minerals will be present or available. This will be due to intense activity of the enzymes that destroy them.

Cooking performance

Whether it is the tank, the sieve or even the lid, everything has been designed to ensure optimal cooking performance.

These differences mean that your cooking with the vitalizer will be of excellent quality, both in terms of taste and for your health.

The vitalizer allows you to cook meat, fruit, eggs, fish, vegetables, bread, cakes, cakes and even to reheat your dishes in a water bath with great ease.

Everything indicated in this article has been verified in the laboratory and I can certify you of the preservation of vitamins and minerals because you are not overcooked.

Do you like tips and tricks?

Tip #1: Learn how to eat Al dente, i.e. barely cooked. Why? Why?

Because it allows you to have less “destroyed” foods and therefore to require more effort from the enzymes in your digestive tract to cut them. This allows for low glycemic indices. This even contributes to losing weight and staying in better shape.

Tip n°2: Whether it is to offer or for you, I would like to offer you a discount coupon on the purchase of your revitalizer, I am sure you like the discounts…


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Technical data sheet

Capacity: 8 L

Diameter of tank/screen: 24 cm
Sieve height: 9.6 cm
Height of the tank: 18,5 cm
Total height: 36 cm
Composition: Stainless steel 18/10

Total weight: 3.2 kg

I recommend this standard size for 2 to 6 people.

The Grand Chief can be used on any type of fire. (induction, glass ceramic, gas, electric)

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